Lotje van Lieshout

Age Fiction(s) Investigations

How do you see the role of technology in ageing in place?

As populations are ageing globally at a fast pace, global healthcare systems are facing challenges in providing quality healthcare to an ageing population - a population with complex care needs. In response, governments are increasingly looking for ways to encourage people to age at home (or “in place”) for as long as possible. 

New or emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence or socially assistive robots, provide opportunities to support older adults to age well at home. However moving beyond technology push, requires addressing people experiences and social embedding including formal and (in)formal caregivers.

While appealing to a degree, ageing in place also comes with genuine physical, mental, and social challenges. Can technology mitigate some of these challenges and, if so, how?

What is your dream for living your life with technology as you age?

Healthcare systems are facing future global challenges in providing qualitative care as populations are aging globally at a fast pace. New emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or socially assistive robots provide opportunities for supporting older adults to age well at home. However, there remains a gap between how such technologies are developed and the technology literacy and adoption of older adults. With our design probe, we aim to  explore the tension between fast-moving emerging technologies such as AI and the shifting needs and dreams of future aging society.

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